Foundations of Mobile Radio Engineering is a comprehensive survey covering the main topics of mobile radio systems. Concepts considered include the theory of patterns and symmetry and how it impacts hexagonal cell tessellation, long-term fading and log-normal distribution, short-term fading and Rayleigh distribution, indoor propagation and Rice dis

part 1|58 pages


chapter Chapter 1|19 pages

Mobile Radio System

chapter Chapter 2|36 pages

Cellular Mobile Radio

part II|110 pages

Mobile Radio Channel

chapter Chapter 3|64 pages

Mobile Radio Propagation Model

chapter Chapter 4|44 pages

Multipath Propagation Effects

part III|82 pages

Mobile Radio Channel

chapter Chapter 5|42 pages

Fading Counteractions

chapter Chapter 6|38 pages

Data Transmission and Signalling

part IV|134 pages

Noise, Interference, and Modulation

chapter Chapter 7|50 pages

Noise and Interference

chapter Chapter 8|42 pages

Analog Modulation for Mobile Radio

chapter Chapter 9|39 pages

Digital Techniques for Mobile Radio

part V|50 pages

Multiple Access

chapter Chapter 10|28 pages

Multiple-Access Architecture

chapter Chapter 11|19 pages

Access Protocols

part VI|38 pages


chapter Chapter 12|35 pages

Traffic Aspects in Mobile Radio Systems