Treating multiphase systems with emphasis on the aspect of fluid dynamics and as an introduction to research in multiphase flow, this book covers definitive concepts, methods, and theories which have been validated by experimental results. A textbook for college seniors and graduate students and a research reference, it is a coherent presentation that facilitates the understanding of physical interactions. The book's focus is fluid dynamics, with extension to other transport processes of heat and mass transfer, and chemical relations to illustrate applications of multiphase flow. The exercise problems at the end of each chapter assist the reader in formulating and solving physical problems and gaining a sense of magnitude of interacting effects and events. Extended details and corollaries are also included in these exercise problems. Some of the topics in the exercise problems may also be incorporated as topics for the lectures.

chapter 1|39 pages


chapter 2|43 pages

Basic Equations

chapter 3|52 pages

Transport Properties and Processes

chapter 5|47 pages

One-Dimensional Motions

chapter 6|49 pages

Pipe Flow of a Suspension

chapter 7|61 pages

General motion Of Dilute Suspensions

chapter 8|50 pages

Dense Systems