The Inner Consultation, Second Edition sets out the author’s thoughts on how consulting skills, and methods of teaching them, have evolved in the 17 years since the book’s first publication. It also develops the theme of ‘curiosity’ as the key requirement for patient-centred consulting and provides a practical consultation model with five checkpoints to work to, advice for developing skills, and suggestions for doctors to ensure they know the cues in the consultation that require their full attention. All general practitioners, GP registrars, and medical professionals will find this book essential and thought-provoking reading.

chapter 1|7 pages


section 1|75 pages


chapter A1|9 pages

Problem? What problem?

chapter A2|13 pages

How have you been taught previously?

chapter A3|17 pages

Models of the consultation

chapter A4|11 pages

On having two heads

chapter A6|15 pages

Five ‘en route’ checkpoints

section 2|131 pages


section 3|32 pages

Getting it together

chapter C1|7 pages

On having only one head

chapter C2|13 pages

The Inner Consultation

chapter C3|8 pages

Zen and the art of the consultation