Handbook of Mammalian Metabolism of Plant Compounds provides an extensive survey of how mammals metabolize compounds found in higher plants. Information about these compounds is important to researchers in pharmacology, toxicology, medical and natural products chemistry, and food sciences. Although there is plenty of literature about mammalian metabolism of plant compounds, it is scattered, and summaries of specific plant compounds are often difficult to obtain. This book contains 11 chapters discussing the metabolic fate of individual plant compounds grouped according to chemical class. It also features structural formulas of the compounds and their metabolites, including probable pathways of metabolism. This book provides a convenient single-volume reference source that will benefit all researchers requiring this type of information.

chapter |26 pages

Metabolism of Hydrocarbons

chapter |22 pages

Metabolism of Alcohols

chapter |36 pages

Metabolism of Phenols and Ethers

chapter |46 pages

Metabolism of Higher Terpenoids

chapter |30 pages

Metabolism of Amino Compounds

chapter |20 pages

N itriles

chapter |14 pages

T hiols