Radiation dosimetry has made great progress in the last decade, mainly because radiation therapy is much more widely used. Since the first edition, many new developments have been made in the basic methods for dosimetry, i.e. ionization chambers, TLD, chemical dosimeters, and photographic films. Radiation Dosimetry: Instrumentation and Methods, Second Edition brings to the reader these latest developments.

Written at a high level for medical physicists, engineers, and advanced dosimetrists, it concentrates only on evolvement during the last decade, relying on the first edition to provide the basics.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|31 pages

Theoretical Aspects of Radiation Dosimetry

chapter 3|136 pages

Ionization Chamber Dosimetry

chapter 4|80 pages

Thermoluminescent Dosimetry

chapter 5|30 pages

Film Dosimetry

chapter 6|8 pages


chapter 7|12 pages

Chemical Dosimetry

chapter 8|40 pages

Solid-State Dosimeters

chapter 9|22 pages

Gel Dosimetry

chapter |54 pages

Neutron Dosimetry