Many specialists are not familiar with both drug delivery and the molecular biology of DNA vectors. Liposomes in Gene Delivery covers both-molecular biologists will gain a basic knowledge of lipids, liposomes, and other gene delivery vehicles; lipid and drug delivery scientists will better understand DNA, molecular biology, and DNA manipulation. Topics include an introduction to nucleic acids, a theoretical description of DNA, recombinant technology, lipids and liposomes, stability and interaction properties of lipids and liposomes, complexation of lipids and liposomes with DNA plasmids, gene expression of genosomes in various models, structure-activity relationships, and transfection models. This is an excellent introductory text for graduate students, scientists, and researchers in molecular and cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, physical chemistry, colloid science, pharmacology, molecular science, and medicine.

chapter |2 pages


chapter |11 pages

Gene Therapy

chapter |30 pages

Nucleic Acids

chapter |7 pages

Gene Expression

chapter |14 pages

Gene Delivery

chapter |46 pages


chapter |31 pages

Genosomes (DNA−Lipid Complexes)

chapter |17 pages

Structure-Activity Relationships

chapter |10 pages

Mechanism of Transfection

chapter |4 pages

Perspectives and Conclusion

chapter |2 pages

Conclusion and Afterword