In many countries and sectors, public procurement is developing from a functional orientation to an effective socio-economic policy lever. There is a great interest among managers and academics to learn from other countries’ and other sectors’ change initiatives and how they dealt with the challenges they encountered. This text provides such learning opportunities, presenting case studies of public procurement, covering diverse nations, sectors and issues.

The cases are combined with editorial commentary and contextualizing chapters to assist the student reader in understanding this complex topic. The text combines descriptions of cases of public procurement with cross case analysis to draw out the key dimensions to enable further examination of the central themes. Each case study concludes with three questions to aid its use as a teaching and training text.

Edited by a team of internationally recognised experts in the field this innovative text illustrates the strategies and innovations within public procurement on a global scale and highlights common problems that all countries encounter. Public Procurement is vital reading for anyone with an interest in this topical area.

1. Public Procurement: Global Big Spending  2. Public Procurement in Perspective  3. Public Procurement Reform in Australia: A Federal-State Evaluation  4. Procurement in the English National Health Service  5. Dutch Healthcare Organization and Financing: Recent Reform and its Impact on Purchasing  6. Budget and Organization Reform: Impact on Public Procurement in Belgium  7. US Federal Government Procurement: Structure, Process and Current Issues  8. Public Procurement in Germany: A Purchasing Cooperative for Energy Sourcing at the German Aerospace Centre  9. The Features and Recent Reforms of Government Procurement in Singapore  10. Public Procurement: A Pillar of Good Governance?  11. The Purchasing Process in Public Procurement  12. Procurement in the United Nations System  13. Consortia Purchasing for Higher Education in Canada, US, UK and Australia  14. Consortia Purchasing and Logistics in Kuopio Area: Lessons Learned from a Four Year Project  15. The Development of Procurement Education: The Queensland (Australia) Experience  16. e-Procurement: A Cross Jurisdictional Comparison  17. The Fraud/Red Tape Dilemma in Public Procurement: A Study of US State and Local Governments  18. A New Era: How to Improve Procurement Services to Clients Presented by Public Works and Government Services Canada  19. South African Provincial Government Reform: Using a Shared Services Model to Transform ‘Back-Office’ Support in Gauteng Province  20. E-Commerce and Information  21. People in Public Procurement  22. Co-operative Purchasing in the Public Sector  23. Procurement: A Strategic Weapon for Change  24. Challenges for Public Procurement