AME's Target Magazine has a well-established reputation for detailed case studies of companies adopting lean strategies. These case studies are now available in a well-organized Enterprise Excellence Series, to tap the ongoing desire for information about what other companies are doing to implement lean.

To satisfy the growing interest in applying lean to non-manufacturing operations, this first volume of the series covers the implementation of lean to administrative and office applications.

Highlights include:

  • Practical, in-depth description of lean office implementations, most of which have not been described in other publications.
  • Responds to reader desire for real-world lean office information.
  • Case Studies are categorized in three areas: Leadership, Organization and Training; Improving Processes; and Lean in Healthcare, making it easy to track down the type of information desired.
  • section Section I|25 pages

    Leadership, Organization, and Training

    chapter 1|8 pages

    HUI Expands Self-Directed Teaming to the Office

    Growing the business by developing leadership in all areas
    ByJim Tennessen, Lea A.P. Tonkin

    chapter 2|15 pages

    Steelcase: Learning How to Implement Customer-Focused, Enterprise-Wide Lean

    Building momentum and involvement as lean extends to office areas.
    ByLea A.P. Tonkin

    section Section II|59 pages

    Improving Processess

    chapter 3|11 pages

    Lean Goes Beyond the Production Floor

    Rockwell Automation and The Antioch Company share how-to, lessons learned.
    ByDave Hagford, Ev Dale, Lea A.P. Tonkin

    chapter 4|10 pages

    Lean Office Events—Priceless Knowledge, Team Solutions

    Office waste uncovered at The Antioch Company.
    ByJane Mobilia-Witte, Kristi Huls

    chapter 5|12 pages

    Lean Success in an Administrative Environment

    Customer demand is the heart of the office, supported by a one-team philosophy.
    ByMick Corrie

    chapter 6|11 pages

    Lean Office: Mapping Your Way to Change

    Learning to eliminate non-value-added activities in the office.
    ByLea A.P. Tonkin

    chapter 7|11 pages

    Elgin Sweeper Company Employees Clear a Path Toward Lean Operations with their Lean Enterprise System

    Where 5S and lean events are part of the culture.
    ByLea A.P. Tonkin

    section Section III|41 pages

    Lean in Healthcare

    chapter 8|20 pages

    Metamorphosis: Healthcare’s Ongoing Transformation

    Healing and cultural change have begun.
    ByLea A.P. Tonkin

    chapter 9|19 pages

    “The Calling:” St. Vincent Hospice

    ByRobert W. Hall