The popular image of the Jewish community is that it consists primarily of members of the middle and upper middle classes. But this image is far from true. Poor Jews: An American Awakening shatters, once and for all, the stereotype of Jewish affluence.

Citing national data and descriptions of the life-styles of the Jewish poor, the authors reveal unique social characteristics of the Jewish poor—including the surprising statistic that over two-thirds of the members of this group are past the age of sixty, thus experiencing the compounded disadvantage of being poor, elderly, and deserted by the young, mobile Jewish community.

Reasons for the "invisibility" of Jewish poverty are examined, as well as how the Jewish community has responded to poverty within its own ethnic group and Jewish attitudes toward the welfare state and charity. The lack of Jewish participation in antipoverty programs is cited, along with measures which will bring them fully into this and other federal and state programs.

chapter |5 pages


Edited ByNaomi Levine, Martin Hochbaum

part 1|63 pages

Poverty Among Jews

chapter 1|17 pages

The Culture of Poverty

ByOscar Lewis

chapter 2|13 pages

The Invisible Jewish Poor

ByAnn G. Wolfe

chapter 3|20 pages

Jews Without Money, Revisited

ByPaul Cowan

chapter 4|11 pages

The Hasidic Poor in New York City

ByPhyllis Franck

part 2|61 pages

The Jewish Response to the Jewish Poor

chapter 5|23 pages

Some Aspects of the Jewish Attitude Toward the Welfare State

ByIsadore Twersky

chapter 6|9 pages

Concept of Tzedakah in Contemporary Jewish Life

ByLeo Jung

chapter 7|13 pages

Our Jewish Poor: How Can They Be Served?

ByJerome M. Comar

chapter 8|14 pages

Problems in Serving Chicago’s Jewish Poor

ByAviva Silberman

part 3|32 pages

The Jewish Poor and the War Against Poverty

chapter 9|13 pages

Why Jews Get Less: A Study of Jewish Participation in the Poverty Program

ByNaomi Levine, Martin Hochbaum

chapter 10|6 pages

Memorandum of Inspection Division

Office of Economic Opportunity
Edited ByNaomi Levine, Martin Hochbaum

chapter 11|11 pages

Re: Jewish Poverty

BySol Levy, Bernard Weinberger

part 4|37 pages

On Ending Jewish Poverty

chapter 12|18 pages

The Jewish Hospital and the Jewish Community

ByWilliam Kavesh

chapter 13|15 pages

A Systematic Approach to Poverty Policy

ByBruno Stein

chapter 14|2 pages

Postscript: Elder’s Lib

New York Times
Edited ByNaomi Levine, Martin Hochbaum