Black Politics in a Time of Transition appears at an historic point in American politics. From the vantage point of the maturation of the study of black politics, this volume provides a framework for current and future discussion of this critical time. Incorporating the expanded stream of work on today's black politics, this latest volume of the National Political Science Review is also a new assessment of the period from which the study of black politics emerged.

Selected for this volume are chapters of contemporary relevance alongside those that reconsider an early twentieth- century pioneer in black politics and history, W. E. B. Du Bois. The volume also includes a robust book review section that spans a range of topics from the South's new racial politics to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

This volume features work by varied and accomplished scholars, including "Black Power in Black Presidential Bids From Jackson to Obama," Katherine Tate; "'But I Voted for Obama': Melodrama and Post-Civil Rights, Post-Feminist Ideology in Grey's Anatomy, Crash, and Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Bid," Nikol Alexander-Floyd; "Afro-Brazilian Black Linked Fate in Salvador and Sao Paulo, Brazil," Gladys Mitchell; and "Beyond Tactical Withdrawal: An Early History of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists," Joseph P. McCormick, II.

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Works in Progress

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Editors’ Introduction

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Editors’ Interview with Ronald Walters

ByRonald Walters

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Book Reviews *

chapter 12|32 pages

The Practice of Expanding Boundaries in Black Politics

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From the NCOBPS Archives

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The National Political Science Review (NPSR)

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