This book is an essential resource for the increasing number of facilitators who wish to help students learn about the promise and pitfalls of social enterprise. The oikos-Ashoka case competition for social entrepreneurship was conceived in 2007 as a way to help find great material and case studies in this emerging field.

This fourth collection of oikos case studies is based on the winning cases from the 2010 to 2014 annual case competitions. These cases have been highly praised because they provide excellent learning opportunities, tell engaging stories, deal with recent situations, include quotations from key actors, are thought-provoking and controversial, require decision-making and provide clear take-aways. This new volume of social entrepreneurship case studies highlights cases from around the globe authored by teachers from around the globe. The selected cases span many industries and geographic contexts; nevertheless, they are connected by a shared ambition: to highlight the power of entrepreneurship to solve social problems.

The cases are clustered in three different sections: Socially oriented Enterprise Cases – Health and Fair trade, Ecologically oriented social enterprises, and Corporate Social Entrepreneurship. Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship will be an essential purchase for educators and is likely to be a widely used as a course textbook at all levels of management education.

Online Teaching Notes to accompany each chapter are available on request with the purchase of the book.

chapter |8 pages


ByMichael Pirson

part I|78 pages

Socially oriented enterprise cases

chapter Case 1|28 pages


The clock ticks 1
ByCharles Corbett, Sarang Deo

chapter Case 2|16 pages


Growth of a social franchise (2006–2012)
ByMagdalena Kloibhofer, Karin Kreutzer

chapter Case 3|33 pages


Competing with a “4× Fair Trade” business model
ByR. Scott Marshall, Darrell Brown, Bex Sakarias, Min Cai

part II|129 pages

Ecologically oriented social enterprises

chapter Case 4|26 pages


Green to what limit? 1
ByRaymond L. Paquin, Catherine Bédard, Geneviève Grainger

chapter Case 5|20 pages


Outsmarting waste
ByPhilippe Margery, Stuart Read, Jan Lepoutre

chapter Case 6|24 pages

Tropical Salvage’s growth strategy

From recession to expansion 1
ByR. Scott Marshall, Lisa Peifer, Erin Ferrigno

chapter Case 7|22 pages

Husk Power Systems

Lighting up the Indian rural lives
ByManish Agarwal, D. Satish

chapter Case 8|36 pages

Better Place

Shifting paradigms in the automotive industry 1
ByDror Etzion, Jeroen Struben

part III|47 pages

Corporate social entrepreneurship

chapter Case 9|25 pages

How to establish and manage a social business at the bottom of the pyramid

The case of OSRAM in Africa 1
ByPia von Nell

chapter Case 10|21 pages

Vodafone M-PESA (A)

“Unusual innovation”—from a corporate social responsibility project to business model innovation 1
ByLoïc Sadoulet, Olivier Furdelle