The introduction is free to download here.This book is about empowering ordinary people to make a difference in the world. It explores the transformation that emerges when groups spread around the world working on similar issues discover synchronicities, often cross-pollinating, and collaborate rather than compete. A Collaboratory is a facilitated space where stakeholders meet to discuss burning societal issues. Each collaboratory is different and needs to be carefully designed to fit the context, ambition, purpose, stakeholders, culture, and space.Part 1 of the book sets the stage by explaining what a collaboratory is, where it emerges from, how it is defined and how it fits into the larger context of the social lab revolution that is happening all over the world.Part 2 of the book unpacks the many dimensions and considerations that contribute to the magic of a collaboratory experience. We offer nine unique insights and perspectives that need to be considered and form an integral part of a successful collaboratory.Part 3 offers eight inspiring examples of how a collaboratory could be applied. We look at applications in the educational field, within organizations, among institutions, and as movements.Part 4 offers a pragmatic outlook on how to get started if you want to use the Collaboratory in your own field of work. The book offers a narrative roadmap using a real-life example of a co-designed and co-created Collaboratory in Norway.Offering practical recommendations and benefits, and bringing together insights from a range of experienced academics, practitioners and facilitators, The Collaboratory is a handbook for experienced or aspiring practitioners in all fields of change: in society, in organizations of all kind and in the field of education.

part 1|29 pages

The collaboratory idea

part 2|85 pages

The many dimensions of the collaboratory

chapter 5|6 pages

Enabling the transformative journey

The DesignShop

chapter 9|9 pages

Creating and holding a space

Learning circles

chapter 10|7 pages

Whole person learning

chapter 11|9 pages

Building cooperative capacity for generative action

Appreciative Inquiry

chapter 12|11 pages

Stepping into the emerging future

Principles of Theory U

chapter 13|12 pages

Transformative scenario planning

A new way to work with the future 1

part 3|101 pages

Examples of the collaboratory

chapter 14|7 pages

The collaboratory in the classroom

Bentley University

chapter 15|16 pages

Students leading collaboratories

University of St. Gallen

chapter 16|12 pages

Creating connection, conversations, and courage

The Exeter collaboratory

chapter 17|9 pages

Transforming an organization

Participatory leadership and the Art of Hosting

chapter 18|15 pages

Regional organizational change

Community-building in action

chapter 19|7 pages

Transforming collaborative institutions

Australian business schools

chapter 20|18 pages

Long-term stakeholder engagement

Initiatives of Change in Caux

chapter 21|15 pages

A meta-collaboratory

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative 1

part 4|44 pages

How to get started

chapter 22|17 pages

Designing a collaboratory

A narrative roadmap

chapter 24|19 pages

Concluding summary