This major collection examines both the human resource dimensions of environmental management and how environmental management impacts on human resource departments. Contributions from international experts in both academia and business look at current theory and best practice in environmental TQM, education, training and communications. Greening People argues that, if a company is to adopt an environmentally-aware approach to its activities, the employees are the key to success or failure. Realistically, it is only through the energy, performance and personal commitment of each employee within an organization that business will move towards sustainable industrial development. 

This book provides an important angle on the new complexities faced by environmental managers and human resource professionals and offers practical solutions drawn from some of the leading lights in the corporate environmental revolution. Greening People is divided into four parts. Part 1 demonstrates the relationship between human resource management and environmental management. Part 2 provides insight into the psychological make-up of contemporary staff that may foster or hinder company-wide implementation of environmental measures, and Part 3 addresses the shortcomings of current management training programmes and suggests new approaches for effective implementation of environmental human resource management. Finally, a selection of excellent case studies demonstrates how the concepts are being implemented in companies and local authorities.

part 1|108 pages

Environmental Management and Human Resources Management (HRM)

chapter 2|25 pages

Best Environmental HRM Practices in the US

ByJohn Milliman, Judith Clair

chapter 3|24 pages

Managing Corporate Environmental Policy

A Process of Complex Change
BySusan M. Barrett, David F. Murphy

chapter 4|18 pages

Who’s Afraid of Local Agenda 21? 1

A Survey of UK Local Government Environmental Co-ordinators’ Background, Values, Gender and Motivation
ByWalter Wehrmeyer, Stephen Rees

chapter 5|24 pages

Industrial Relations and the Environment in the UK 1

ByAndrea Oates

part 2|84 pages

Managing People

chapter 6|19 pages

The European Environmental Executive

Technical Specialist or Corporate Change Agent?
ByPeter James, Stephanie Stewart

chapter 9|13 pages

Women, Environmental Management and Human Resources Management

ByAngela Mawle

chapter 10|12 pages

Employees Give Business its Green Edge

Employee Participation in Corporate Environmental Care
ByLeon Klinkers, Nico Nelissen

part 3|90 pages

Training and Skills towards Environmental Improvement

chapter 11|20 pages

Training for Environmental Improvement

ByAlison Bird

chapter 12|23 pages

Environmental Training in UK and German Companies

ByKlaus North, Sabine Daig

chapter 13|18 pages

Managing the Learning of Ecological Competence

ByPeter Dobers, Rolf Wolff

chapter 14|12 pages

The Greening of European Management Education

ByJohn P. Ulhøi, Henning Madsen

chapter 15|14 pages

Working in Environment

Skills, Expertise and New Opportunities
ByJoyce Miller

part 4|68 pages

Case Studies

chapter 16|21 pages

Learning to Change

Implementing Corporate Environmental Policy in the Rover Group
BySuzanne Pollack

chapter 17|18 pages

Analysis for Environmental Training Needs

ByWalter Wehrmeyer, Sarah Vickerstaff

chapter 18|19 pages

Action through Ownership

Learning the Way at Kent County Councif 1
ByStephen Rees

chapter 19|6 pages

A Global Challenge

Environment Management in Cable & Wireless
ByJohn Beatson, Stephen Macklin