The fast-emerging sustainability consulting firms are nipping at the heels of the established consultancy giants who are scrambling to find their way in the emergent field of sustainability. The upstarts are challenging many of the established notions of how to add value to their clients' operations. By looking at the business world through what the sustainability expert Stuart Hart calls "new sustainability lenses", sustainability consultants are able to make sense of challenges that are baffling their clients. Moreover, they are also beginning to help their clients uncover new and sustainable value streams, the ultimate goal of good consulting practice.  In Consulting for Business Sustainability sustainability consultants from around the world offer some of their perspectives and lessons on how to truly create sustainable value for their clients. Packed with new tools, advice and approaches, the book comprises a unique collection of wisdom from some of the leading lights in sustainability consulting practice. The areas covered include: developing best-in-class environmental management systems; sustainable design; supporting organisational change agents; working with key stakeholders; social impact assessments; human rights; and regulatory risk.  The book will be essential reading for practitioners in business searching for advice and toolkits on how to make their sustainability initiatives bear fruit, for consultants looking for advice on how others have provided value to clients, and for students of sustainability looking for best-practice examples and exploring future careers in this burgeoning field.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 2|20 pages

Supporting the change agents

Keeping ourselves effective on the journey of change

chapter 3|18 pages

The Stakeholder Dashboard

chapter 5|19 pages

Human rights informing social impact assessments

The end of assessing social impact with one eye shut

chapter 6|23 pages

Profitable environmental management

A best-practice approach from consultancy in international cooperation

chapter 7|10 pages

The Meta–trend Stakeholder Profile

The changing profile of stakeholders in a climate– and water–stressed world

chapter 8|4 pages

The Meta-trend Stakeholder Profile

Impacts on the real estate development industry

chapter 9|5 pages

The Meta-trend Stakeholder Profile

Impacts on the mining industry

chapter 10|5 pages

The Meta–trend Stakeholder Profile

Impacts on the finance and banking industry

chapter 11|15 pages

Achieving sustainable value

Sustainability Protfolio Assessment

chapter 13|15 pages

Consulting for sustainability

Creating a new organisational narrative

chapter 14|18 pages

Regulatory risk

Challenges and opportunities for sustainability consultants