From pitches and press releases to news and feature stories to social media writing and more, this new book by author Whitney Lehmann and a handful of experienced contributors breaks down the most widely used types of public relations writing needed to become a PR pro.

The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook serves as a guide for those both in the classroom and in the field who want to learn, and master, the style and techniques of public relations writing. Eighteen conversational chapters provide an overview of the most popular forms of public relations writing, focusing on media relations, storytelling, writing for the web/social media, business and executive communications, event planning and more. Chapters include user-friendly writing templates, exercises and AP Style skill drills and training.

Whether you’re a PR major or PR practitioner, this book is for you. Lehmann has combined her industry and classroom experience to create a handbook that’s accessible for PR students and practitioners alike.

A dedicated eResource also supports the book, with writing templates and answer keys (for instructors) to the end-of-chapter exercises in the text.

part |2 pages

What Is Public Relations Writing?

chapter Chapter 1|24 pages

Purpose, Process, Style, Form and Tone

ByWhitney Lehmann

part |2 pages

Media Relations

chapter Chapter 2|15 pages

News Releases and Other Types of Releases

ByWhitney Lehmann, Michael Laderman

chapter Chapter 3|11 pages

Media Pitches

ByWhitney Lehmann

chapter Chapter 4|5 pages

Media Advisories/Alerts

ByWhitney Lehmann

chapter Chapter 5|6 pages

Public Service Announcements

ByMichael Laderman

chapter Chapter 6|5 pages

Media Kits

ByWhitney Lehmann

part |2 pages


chapter Chapter 7|9 pages


ByHeidi Carr

chapter Chapter 8|6 pages

Background Materials and Backgrounders

ByWhitney Lehmann

chapter Chapter 9|5 pages

Fact Sheets

ByWhitney Lehmann

chapter Chapter 10|6 pages

Bio Sketches

ByWhitney Lehmann

chapter Chapter 11|10 pages

News Writing

ByHeidi Carr

chapter Chapter 12|8 pages

Feature Writing

ByMichael Laderman

part |2 pages

Writing for Digital Media

chapter Chapter 13|8 pages

Email and Writing for the Web

ByWhitney Lehmann, Michael North

chapter Chapter 14|10 pages

Writing for Social Media

ByWhitney Lehmann

part |2 pages

Business and Executive Communications

chapter Chapter 15|8 pages

Letters and Memos

ByWhitney Lehmann

chapter Chapter 16|8 pages

Speech Writing

ByMichael Laderman

part |2 pages

Writing for Events

chapter Chapter 17|7 pages

Talking Points and Run of Show

ByWhitney Lehmann

chapter Chapter 18|14 pages

Shot Lists and Photo Captions

ByWhitney Lehmann, Heidi Carr

chapter |2 pages


ByWhitney Lehmann