Despite the rapid advance of the academic study of coaching science, there is a dearth of evidence on contemporary progressions within the coaching profession itself, particularly around the wide-ranging challenges that coaches face. Professional Advances in Sports Coaching constitutes an essential collection of the most innovative, up-to-date reviews and research on professional issues in sports coaching and coaching psychology.

Seeking to assess and challenge contemporary conceptual and theoretical research around the evolving nature of the coach’s role, issues associated with athlete and coach welfare, and societal demands of the coach, the book covers topics as diverse as:

  • gender and spirituality within sports coaching;
  • working in culturally diverse environments and disability sport;
  • understanding hazing, mental health issues, and disordered eating in athletes;
  • moral behaviour and safeguarding;
  • high performance coaching and talent development;
  • communicating with athletes in the age of social media, and managing cliques.

Written by leading experts from around the world, every chapter clarifies and defines key concepts, gives an up-to-date and comprehensive review of literature within the area, and examines the implications for future research and applied practice. This is a critical resource for any upper-level student enrolled in sports coaching science or practice classes, sports coaching academics with an interest in professional practice, and practicing sports coaches.

chapter |2 pages


chapter 3|18 pages

The coaching journey

Learning as lifelong and life-wide

chapter 4|16 pages

Working within culturally diverse environments

The role of discourse in identity construction and the implications for coaching

chapter 5|23 pages

Sport for all

Considerations when coaching in disability sport

chapter 11|14 pages

Safeguarding, child protection, and abuse

The role of the coach

chapter 12|15 pages

Understanding health-compromising behaviours in athletes

Alcohol use, marijuana use, hazing, and gambling

chapter 13|18 pages

More than just a coach

Developing awareness of eating disorders and body image concerns in sport

chapter 14|33 pages

The coach as mentor

chapter 15|14 pages

Developing mental health literacy in coaches

chapter 17|19 pages

High-performance sport coaching

Leading support teams toward successful performance outcomes

chapter 19|18 pages

Communicating with athletes

The influence of social media

chapter 20|22 pages

Multilevel Model of Sport Injury (MMSI)

Can coaches impact and be impacted by injury?

chapter 21|19 pages

Observing coach behaviours

Developing coaching practice and coach education?
Edited ByChris Cushion

chapter 23|18 pages

Knowing when, and how, to step out

Coach retirement

chapter 24|18 pages

Think aloud protocol

Application to athlete cognition and coach education
Edited ByAmy Whitehead