The limit of language is one of the most pervasive notions found in Wittgenstein’s work, both in his early Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and his later writings. Moreover, the idea of a limit of language is intimately related to important scholarly debates on Wittgenstein’s philosophy, such as the debate between the so-called traditional and resolute interpretations, Wittgenstein’s stance on transcendental idealism, and the philosophical import of Wittgenstein’s latest work On Certainty.

This collection includes thirteen original essays that provide a comprehensive overview of the various ways in which Wittgenstein appeals to the limit of language at different stages of his philosophical development. The essays connect the idea of a limit of language to the most important themes discussed by Wittgenstein—his conception of logic and grammar, the method of philosophy, the nature of the subject, and the foundations of knowledge—as well as his views on ethics, aesthetics, and religion. The essays also relate Wittgenstein’s thought to his contemporaries, including Carnap, Frege, Heidegger, Levinas, and Moore.

chapter |23 pages


Edited ByHanne Appelqvist

part I|65 pages

Logic, Self, and Value in Wittgenstein’s Early Philosophy

chapter 1|19 pages

The Bounds of Nonsense

ByA. W. Moore

chapter 2|19 pages

Solipsism and the Graspability of Fact

ByColin Johnston

chapter 3|25 pages

Wittgenstein and Levinas on the Transcendentality of Ethics

Edited ByHanne Appelqvist, Panu-Matti Pöykkö

part II|197 pages

Grammar, Linguistic Community, and Value in Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy

chapter 5|18 pages

Frege, Carnap, and the Limits of Asserting

ByLeila Haaparanta

chapter 6|26 pages

On Being Resolute

ByPaul Standish

chapter 7|13 pages

Moore’s Paradox and Limits in Language Use

ByYrsa Neuman

chapter 8|25 pages

Who Are “We” for Wittgenstein?

ByConstantine Sandis

chapter 9|26 pages

Animal Consciousness – A Limit of Language?

ByHans-Johann Glock

chapter 10|22 pages

The Limits of Language in Wittgensteinian Philosophy of Religion

BySami Pihlström

chapter 12|18 pages

Literature as the Measure of Our Lives

ByDanièle Moyal-Sharrock