This volume showcases previously unpublished research on theoretical, descriptive, and methodological innovations for understanding language patterns grounded in a Systemic Functional Linguistic perspective. Featuring contributions from an international range of scholars, the book demonstrates how advances in SFL have developed to reflect the breadth of variation in language and how descriptive methodologies for language have evolved in turn. Taken together, the volume offers a comprehensive account of Systemic Functional Language description, providing a foundation for practice and further research for students and scholars in descriptive linguistics, SFL, and theoretical linguistics.

chapter 1|31 pages

Describing Languages, Understanding Language

Systemic Functional Theory and Description
ByY.J. Doran, J.R. Martin

part I|154 pages

Understanding Grammar

chapter 2|38 pages

Axial Argumentation Below the Clause

The Verbal Group in Khorchin Mongolian
ByDongbing Zhang

chapter 3|29 pages

Axial Argumentation and Cryptogrammar in Interpersonal Grammar

A Case Study of Classical Tibetan mood
ByPin Wang

chapter 4|27 pages

Experiential Cryptotypes

Reasoning About process type 1
ByBeatriz Quiroz

chapter 5|33 pages

Axial Argumentation and Cryptogrammar in Textual Grammar

theme in Brazilian Portuguese
ByGiacomo Figueredo

part II|172 pages

Contextualizing Grammar

chapter 7|49 pages

Functional Language Typology

A Discourse Semantic Perspective 1
ByJ.R. Martin, Beatriz Quiroz

chapter 9|34 pages

The Baboon and the Bee

Exploring Register Patterns Across Languages
ByDavid Rose

chapter 10|24 pages

Language Shift

Bilingual Exchange Structure in Classroom Interactions
ByHarni Kartika-Ningsih

chapter 11|28 pages

Academic Formalisms

Toward a Semiotic Typology
ByY.J. Doran