In an era when ease of travel is greater than ever, it is also easy to overlook the degree to which voyages of the body – and mind – have generated an outpouring of artistry and creativity throughout the ages. Exploration of new lands and sensations is a fundamental human experience. This volume in turn provides a stimulating and adventurous exploration of the theme of travel from an art-historical perspective. Topical regions are covered ranging from the Grand Tour and colonialism to the travels of Hadrian in ancient times and Georgia O’Keeffe’s journey to the Andes; from Vasari’s Neoplatonic voyages to photographing nineteenth-century Japan. The scholars assembled consider both imaginary travel, as well as factual or embellished documentation of voyages. The essays are far-reaching spatially and temporally, but all relate to how art has documented the theme of travel in varying media across time and as illustrated and described by writers, artists, and illustrators. The scope of this volume is far-reaching both chronologically and conceptually, thereby appropriately documenting the universality of the theme to human experience.

chapter |6 pages


BySarah J. Lippert

part 1|60 pages

Travel of great import

chapter 1|20 pages

Dramatizing the encounter

The performative body in John Webber’s A Man of the Sandwich Islands, Dancing
ByMonica Anke Hahn

chapter 2|19 pages

The humor of circumstance

Caricature and the foreign tour of the British middle class
ByAlice J. Walkiewicz

chapter 3|21 pages

Tours of the Charleston Renaissance and the visual construction of southern charm

A comparison of local versus visiting artists
ByChad Wesley Airhart

part 2|60 pages

Travel on a smaller scale

chapter 4|17 pages

Representing the “El” and the subway

Urban travel as ordinary icon in New York City, 1900–30
ByElsie Heung

chapter 5|22 pages

The Palio of Siena

A journey through time
ByAnna Piperato

chapter 6|21 pages

Quantified drift

ByStephen Cartwright

part 3|62 pages

Imaginary travel and travel of the mind

chapter 7|27 pages

Itinerant Hadrian and imperial patronage belonging to all the world

ByGerald A. Hess

chapter 8|14 pages

Giorgio Vasari’s planetary ceiling

A Neoplatonic voyage
ByLiana De Girolami Cheney

chapter 9|21 pages

Going back to the beginning of things

Wishful travel and the ancient origins of the arts in France
BySarah J. Lippert

part 4|57 pages

Trail blazers

chapter 10|21 pages

No typical tourist

Photographer Zaida Ben-Yusuf in Meiji, Japan
ByGillian Greenhill Hannum

chapter 11|19 pages

Beyond the European Grand Tour

The travels and related writings of Marguerite Thompson Zorach
ByEfram Burk

chapter 12|13 pages

Women in high places

Georgia O’Keeffe and Julia Codesido in the Peruvian Andes
ByCaroline L. Gillaspie

chapter |4 pages


BySarah J. Lippert