This volume focuses on the Information and Communication (ICT) revolution and its impact on economic growth. Even though the emergence of the knowledge economy is at the center of attention by media and is often a subject of economic policy debate, economic research on the issue is still relatively underdeveloped and many aspects of it are still awaiting proper theoretical and empirical scrutiny. One important question is whether, as many economists and opinion leaders maintain the knowledge economy and the new information technologies have fostered the birth of a 'new economy' which by inducing a strong productivity growth in most sectors, is behind the impressive growth of GDP experienced by the US economy. Empirical research has in fact been unable to provide a conclusive answer to this question. This book debates this issue and provides the opportunity to discuss the economic and social effects of the ICT revolution. It also focuses on the functioning and the micro-economic structure of the ICT sector, as well as on its impact on various industries, on the financial system and on the labor market. It analyses the role of the ICT revolution on regional development and it addresses important policy issues such as its consequences for antitrust legislation and government regulation.

chapter |4 pages


Edited ByLuigi Paganetto

part I|129 pages

chapter 1|24 pages

Technology-based Entrepreneurs: Does the Internet Make a Difference?

ByMassimo G. Colombo, Marco Delmastro

chapter 2|21 pages

The Effect of Multimarket Scope on Firms’ Compatibility Choice

ByMarc van Wegberg

chapter 4|21 pages

Producer Services, Innovation and Outsourcing in the New Economy

ByMartin Zagler

part II|77 pages

part III|212 pages

chapter 8|52 pages

The Impact of IT Investment on Productivity and Efficiency

ByLuigi Paganetto, Leonardo Becchetti, David Andrés Londoño Bedoya

chapter 9|29 pages

The Economic Impact of the Computer Revolution: A Progress Report

ByMichael T. Kiley

chapter 10|23 pages

The ‘New Economy’ in the OECD

ByFrancesco Daveri

chapter 12|90 pages

Raising the Speed Limit: US Economic Growth in the Information Age

ByDale W. Jorgenson, Kevin J. Stiroh

part IV|95 pages

chapter 13|26 pages

The Location of Industry in a Knowledge-driven European Economy

ByAdriaan Dierx, Fabienne Ilzkovitz

chapter 16|19 pages

Post-Fordism, New Economy and the Case of the Italian ‘Mezzogiomo’

ByLuigi Paganetto, Pasquale L. Scandizzo