International normative standards constitute a major influence on the policies of states and other actors in the international system, as well as on the development of the international system itself. This case study-rich volume demonstrates the relevance of international normative ideals and standards, outlining some of the major opportunities for, and the challenges affecting, co-operation among members of the international community. Contemporary problems such as weapons of mass destruction, refugees and internally displaced persons, ethnic conflict, and the environment are all explored in this timely volume. Sovereignty and the Global Community will prove an excellent resource for all interested in issues of sovereignty, sustainable development, resource management and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

chapter 1|53 pages

Theocentric Natural Law and the Norms of the Global Community

ByHoward M. Hensel

chapter 4|19 pages

Environmental Treaty Compliance and Southern State Sovereignty

ByAnthony D. Lott

chapter 9|28 pages

International Adjudication and Conflict Management *

ByGregory A. Raymond

chapter 10|4 pages


ByHoward M. Hensel