This collection of essays sets out to present a sample of the rich diversity of writings on naval history in this period. The collection covers subjects ranging from strategy, operations and tactics, to administration, technology and the maritime economy. Within this volume the reader will be able to see essays that influenced the development of modern naval history through to samples of some of the latest research.

chapter 7|10 pages

Problems of an Amphibious Power

Britain Against France, 1793-1815

chapter 10|30 pages

The North Sea in Wartime, 1688-1713

chapter 13|52 pages

Bridge and Bulwark

The Swedish Navy and the Baltic, 1500–1809

chapter 14|30 pages

Selim III and the Ottoman Navy

chapter 17|28 pages

Responding to the Nineteenth Century

The Royal Navy and the Introduction of the Screw Propeller