Originally published in 1985, in the deteriorating climate of East-West relations technology transfer became vitally important. The Eastern bloc desperately needed Western technology to assist in the development of the socialist economies, but a proposed US ban on the export of Western technology to the Siberian pipeline project led to increasing tension within the Western alliance abot the nature and scale of high technology that could be safely exported to the East. This book reviews the state of technology transfer to the East in the 1980s and considers the place of Western technology in the Eastern economies. It also discusses the strategic goals of Western technology embargoes. Many of the issues discussed remain pertinent today.

chapter 1|11 pages

Technology Transfer and East-West Relations: Editor’s Introduction

ByMark E. Schaffer

chapter 2|20 pages

The Incompatibility of Socialism and Rapid Innovation

ByStanislaw Gomulka

chapter 3|18 pages

Central Planning, Market Socialism and Rapid Innovation

ByAlastair McAuley

chapter 4|30 pages

West-East Technology Transfer: The Trade Component*

ByJohn A. Slater

chapter 5|31 pages

Western Technology and Soviet Economic Power

ByJulian Cooper

chapter 6|35 pages

Western Companies and Trade and Technology Transfer with the East*

ByMalcolm R. Hill

chapter 7|24 pages

Legal Aspects of Technology Transfer to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union

ByNeville March Hunnings

chapter 8|18 pages

Western Technology and Soviet Military Power

ByDavid Holloway

chapter 9|20 pages

Western Policies on East-West Trade and Technology*

ByStephen Woolcock

chapter 10|33 pages

The Strategic Goals of a Technology Embargo*

ByHugh Macdonald