Originally published in 1988, this title looks at the importance of the Catholic school in American education from 1830 to 1980. The articles in this collection illuminate the patterns of development. The most prevalent theme is that of school controversy, involving either Catholic conflict with public education and the wider culture on the one hand, or internal dissension within the Catholic community regarding the desirability of separate schools on the other. Taken together, these essays serve as pieces of a mosaic, interesting in themselves yet corporately providing a comprehensive picture of the history of Catholic schooling in America. They remind us that these institutions grew up as a response to particular forces at work in the wider society as well as within the Catholic community itself.

chapter XII|14 pages

The End Is the Beginning

Edited ByF. Michael Perko

chapter |12 pages

The Oregon School Law of 1922: Passage and Sequel

ByLloyd P. Jorgenson

chapter |16 pages

Archbishop Ireland and the School Language Controversy

ByLa Vern J. Rippley

chapter |10 pages

Christian Free Schools: A Nineteenth-century Plan

ByNorlene M. Kunkel

chapter |19 pages

Conservative Thought and Strategy in the School Controversy 1891–93

ByEmmett R. Curran

chapter |28 pages

Public Schools vs. Catholic Schools and James McMaster

ByThomas T. McAvoy

chapter |20 pages

Irish-American Attitudes and the Americanization of the English-Language Parochial School

ByHoward Weisz, Robert D. Cross

chapter II|39 pages

American Catholic Higher Education: A Historical Perspective

ByPhilip Gleason

chapter |22 pages

Four Decades of Roman Catholic Innovators

ByMary Charles Bryce

chapter |13 pages

The Lay Teacher in Catholic Education

ByHarold J. O’Donnell

chapter 1|34 pages

Catholic Schools: The Nation’s Largest Alternative School System

ByThomas C. Hunt, Norlene M. Kunkel

chapter |6 pages

Catholics and their Schools from a Culturist Perspective

ByF. Michael Perko

chapter |16 pages

Origins of the Catholic Parochial Schools in America

ByRobert D. Cross

chapter |21 pages

Understanding American Catholic Educational History*

ByMarvin Lazerson

chapter |12 pages

The American Parish School in the Last Half Century

ByHenry J. Browne

chapter |41 pages

Baltimore III and Education

ByPhilip Gleason