Organised as a dialogue between nature and design, this book explores design ideas, opportunities, visions and practices through relating and uncovering experience of the natural world.

Presented as an edited collection of 25 wide-ranging short chapters, the book explores the possibility of new relations between design and nature, beyond human mastery and understandings of nature as resource and by calling into question the longstanding role for design as agent of capitalism. The book puts forward ways in which design can form partnerships with living species and examines designers’ capacities for direct experience, awe, integrated relationships and new ways of knowing. It covers:

• New design ethics of care

• Indigenous perspectives

• Prototyping with nature

• Methods for new design and nature relations

• A history of design and nature

• Animist beliefs

• De-centering human-centered design

• Understanding nature has power and agency

Design and Nature: A Partnership is a rich resource for designers who wish to learn to engage with sustainability from the ground up.

part Section I|2 pages

Section I: Lying

chapter |6 pages

A Shift of Attention

ByLouise St. Pierre

chapter |6 pages

‘Towards … Something More Liveable’ 1 A Moth Journey

ByKatherine Pogson

chapter |6 pages

Sitting in Trees

ByMarcus Dénommé

chapter |7 pages

Co-creating with a Tick

ByEugenia Bertulis

part Section II|2 pages


chapter |6 pages

Hybrids. Others/Selfies

Poem: ‘Zoology’ by Neil Bennun
ByLi Jönsson, Tau Ulv Lenskjold

chapter |6 pages

Narrating the Impression

ByPaola Sturla

chapter |7 pages

Learning from Harakeke Towards a Network for Textile Design in Aotearoa New Zealand

ByFaith Kane, Huhana Smith, Rangi Te Kanawa, Tanya Maree Ruka Te Miringa Te Rorarangi, Angela Kilford

chapter |7 pages

To Name is to Value

ByAnette Lundebye

chapter |17 pages

Design and Nature: A History

ByLouise St. Pierre

part Section III|2 pages


chapter |7 pages

Short-comings and Vulner-abilities

ByMarkus Wernli

chapter |6 pages

Living Landfill

ByKatarina Dimitrijevic

chapter |6 pages

Design and Nature as Seen through Fur: Systems of Manipulation and Care

ByElse Skjold, Frederik Larsen

chapter |6 pages

Bully Goes Fishing

ByErik Sandelin

part Section IV|2 pages


chapter |7 pages

Design Students in Sustainable Systems

ByTimo Rissanen, Laura Sansone

chapter |7 pages

Design on the Wing: Collaborative Work with Nature

ByCameron Cartiere, Nancy Holmes

chapter |6 pages

Sustained Observation and Processes of Growth

ByClara Vankerschaver

chapter |6 pages

A Nourishing Dialogue with the Material Environment

ByMaarit Mäkelä

chapter |7 pages

The Poetics of Cultural Landscapes through Ecological Wisdom

ByAlyssa Schwann

chapter |7 pages

Antarctica SE3: A Conversation on Designing with Care

BySarah Pennington, Eleanor Margolies

chapter |5 pages

Folding In

ByKate Fletcher

chapter |5 pages


Edited ByKate Fletcher, Louise St. Pierre, Mathilda Tham