Originally published in 1974, The Social Analysis of Class Structure is an edited collection addressing class formation and class relations in industrial society. The range and variety of the contributions provide a useful guide to the central concerns of British sociology in the 1970s. Encompassing general theorizing and empirical investigation, the book examines the treatment of crucial issues of the day, such as the relationships between race and class formation, and sexual subordination, as well addressing historical questions such as the Victorian labour aristocracy and the incorporation of the working class.

chapter |18 pages

Strategies of Social Closure in Class Formation

ByFrank Parkin

chapter |20 pages

The Labour Aristocracy in the Victorian Class Structure

ByRobert Q. Gray

chapter |16 pages

Race and Ethnicity in Class Formation: A Comparison of Asian and West Indian Workers 1

BySheila Allen, Christopher Smith

chapter |48 pages

Towards a Theory of Social Stratification *

ByW. G. Runciman

chapter |26 pages

The Petits Bourgeois in the Class Structure: the Case of the Small Shopkeepers *

ByFrank Bechhofer, Brian Elliott, Monica Rushforth, Richard Bland

chapter |20 pages

Officialdom, and Class: Bases of Inequality in Socialist Society

ByZygmunt Bauman

chapter |26 pages

Sexual Inequality and Stratification Theory

ByChris Middleton

chapter |32 pages

Education and Social Mobility in France

ByJane Marceau

chapter |20 pages

The ‘Affluent Worker’ Study: An Evaluation and Critique

ByGavin Mackenzie