The second edition of Political Public Relations offers an interdisciplinary overview of the latest theory and research in the still emerging field of political public relations.

The book continues its international orientation in order to fully contextualize the field amidst the various political and communication systems today. Existing chapters have been updated and new chapters added to reflect evolving trends such as the rise of digital and social media, increasing political polarization, and the growth of political populism. As a singular contribution to scholarship in public relations and political communication, this volume serves as an important catalyst for future theory and research.

This volume is ideal for researchers and courses at the intersection of public relations, political communication, and political science.

chapter 2|18 pages

Political Public Relations in History

Historical Roots and Scholarly Foundations

chapter 5|21 pages

Political Public Relations and Relationship Management

Foundations and Challenges

chapter 7|19 pages

Political Public Relations and Strategic Framing

Underlying Mechanisms, Success Factors, and Impact

chapter 10|19 pages

Political Public Relations and Crisis Communication

A Public Relations Perspective

chapter 13|17 pages

Political Public Relations and Lobbying

It’s about Shaping Public Discourse

chapter 14|21 pages

Public Relations and Public Diplomacy at a Crossroads

In Search of a Social Network Perspective

chapter 15|21 pages

Political Public Relations and Activist Network Strategies

The Influence of Framing and Institutionalization on Activist Issues Management

chapter 18|16 pages

Political Public Relations

Looking Back, Looking Forward