This book draws together the insights of eminent academics and specialists to present an overview of past and present approaches to transnational policing throughout the Anglophone world. It aims to revitalize the study of transnational policing by showing that past and present developments in this field remain poorly understood, while also suggesting future avenues of research.

Containing chapters on police history, police accountability, gendered hate crime in an increasingly online world, counter-radicalisation strategies being pursued around the world, internet-facilitated sex trafficking and changes in organised crime, amongst others, the authors adopt revisionist, orthodox and progressive views in order to challenge our understanding and appreciation of developments in transnational policing. All of the chapters in the book use policing models employed within the UK as either their focal point or as a point of comparison so that direct comparisons and contrasts can be examined.

The Development of Transnational Policing illustrates distinctive and separate aspects of what remains an undoubtedly complex and dynamic field, but also forms an overview of developments and the dearth of academic research which surround them, in order hopefully to inspire researchers, policymakers and practitioners alike.

chapter |13 pages


ByJohn L.M. McDaniel, Karlie E. Stonard, David J. Cox

section Section 1|2 pages

Revising the history of transnational policing

chapter 1|17 pages

The origins of transnational policing

The continental activities of the Bow Street ‘Runners’, 1749–1839
ByDavid J. Cox

section Section 2|2 pages

Establishing a transnational policing orthodoxy

chapter 5|18 pages

Nordic police cooperation

ByHenrik Stevnsborg

chapter 6|18 pages

Policing Australasia

Challenges and successes of law enforcement cooperation in a diverse region
BySaskia Hufnagel

chapter 7|27 pages

Transnational policing in Southern Africa

Moving towards a centralised European model of police cooperation?
ByJohn L.M. McDaniel, Elrena van der Spuy

section Section 3|2 pages

Future directions of travel

chapter 8|20 pages

Policing online hate

ByJo Smith, Jon Garland

chapter 9|22 pages

Exporting preemption

The transnational diffusion of counter-radicalisation policing strategies
ByDerek M.D. Silva, Mathieu Deflem

chapter 10|32 pages

Transnational policing and organised crime

ByNeil Olley

chapter 11|27 pages

Transnational policing of online sex trafficking

ByE. Stonard Karlie, M. Fuentes Cano Ana

section Section 4|1 pages

A need for new partnerships and their investigation

chapter 12|23 pages

The new EU counterterrorism directive

Closing all the gaps in the EU legal framework?
ByMaria O’Neill

chapter 13|26 pages

International asset recovery

Perspectives from Ireland
ByColin King

chapter 14|27 pages

Restorative justice and transnational policing in the modern world

ByDevi-McGleish Yasmin

chapter |7 pages


ByL.M. McDaniel John, Stonard Karlie E., J. Cox David