Originally published in 1985, Land Rent, Housing and Urban Planning looks at the crucial social relationships associated with land ownership, and how these have played a crucial role in the economic development of many societies. The understanding of these relationships within modern capitalist societies has proved difficult. Land ownership relations emerge as requiring specific historical analysis for specific periods and societies and as being integral aspects of the capitalist mode of production as a whole – not merely mechanisms which redistribute some independently-determined surplus.

part One|21 pages

Editors’ Introduction

chapter 1|20 pages

Modern Capitalism and The Theory of Urban Rent: A Review

ByM. Ball, V. Bentivegna, M. Edwards, M. Folin

part Two|103 pages

The Social Relations of Land Development: A European Perspective

part Three|61 pages

The Debate over Marx’s Theory of Rent

chapter 7|27 pages

A Marxist Approach to Urban Ground Rent: The Case of France

ByAlain Lipietz

chapter 8|21 pages

Capitalist Urban Rent

ByAmbroise Gravejat

chapter 9|11 pages

Marxian Categories and the Determination of Land Prices

ByAgostino Nardocci

part Four|28 pages

Political Implications

chapter 10|12 pages

Theory of Urban Rent and The Working-Class Movement: The Case of Italy

ByVincenzo Bentivegna

chapter 11|14 pages

Planning and the Land Market: Problems, Prospects and Strategy

ByMichael Edwards