Gain an international perspective on law library practices and precedents!Because law librarianship is an increasingly international field, working and learning abroad can enrich you culturally and professionally. Whether you visit for a few weeks or move halfway across the world for a year or more, Law Librarians Abroad gives you information about exchange programs, tips for adapting to a different culture, and ideas on how to make the most of a life-changing experience. Law Librarians Abroad explains a number of types of work you may find in other countries:

  • US Information Agency or UN library programs
  • informal visits
  • formal exchange programs
  • teaching clients or colleagues to use new technologies
  • temporary library positions
  • combining personal research with library work

    Some of the contributors to this exciting volume visited completely different cultures. Their new experiences included seeing snow for the first time and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. One went home to Korea after 25 years in the United States.

    Law Librarians Abroad offers practical suggestions as well:
  • pitfalls and pleasures of living in a foreign country
  • how to set up an exchange or plan a visiting librarian program
  • how to build friendships with librarians abroad before you go

    In countries from Canada to Zimbabwe, on every continent except Antarctica, the authors of Law Librarians Abroad combined work and travel--and you can too!

chapter |9 pages

Retiring Around the World

chapter |7 pages

Abroad Thoughts from Home*