This much-needed book presents an introduction and overview of multicultural AIDS issues in social work practice. In a culturally diverse nation, it is essential that professionals look at AIDS within a cultural context in order to find the most effective treatment and prevention strategies for everyone. Emphasizing this need for a culturally sensitive approach, Multicultural Human Services for AIDS Treatment and Prevention increases social workers’often limited knowledge and experience with various social and ethnic groups. It provides specific suggestions and recommendations for program development and acts as a foundation upon which to build new strategies for policy, research, and practice. Multicultural Human Services for AIDS Treatment and Prevention emphasizes the importance of encouraging and sharing research that addresses AIDS and minority populations and assessing prevention, education, and behavioral change strategies from culturally specific and relevant perspectives. It includes chapters focusing on African Americans, Native American Indians, Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans, and Mexican prostitutes--groups that often suffer disproportionately from poverty and its myriad effects. Some topics discussed in the book are:

  • helping clients reduce cultural dissonance
  • how to enhance behavior change
  • child welfare and permanency planning
  • empowerment of clients and health care models
  • knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding HIV/AIDS
  • cultural contradictions and ambivalence in response to AIDS

    Multicultural Human Services for AIDS Treatment and Prevention is an extremely useful and informative book for all professionals in social work and human services who want to be better prepared to help all groups of people. The book is also an ideal text for upper-level social work students studying topics such as multicultural issues in social work practice, AIDS in a cultural context, and health policy and health care systems.

chapter |11 pages

Introduction: AIDS Within a Cultural Context: A Perspective

ByJulio Morales, Marcia Bok

chapter |14 pages

Cultural Dissonance and AIDS in the Puerto Rican Community

ByMarcia Bok, Julio Morales

chapter |15 pages

AIDS: Assessing African-American Knowledge and Attitudes for Community Education Programs

ByDebra Moehle McCallum, Joan E. Esser-Stuart, Alyce Vyann Howell, David L. Klemmack

chapter |7 pages

AIDS in the Native Hawaiian Community

ByNoreen Mokuau, Alyson Kau

chapter |14 pages

A Survey of AIDS Knowledge and Attitudes Among Prostitutes in an International Border Community

ByFelipe Peralta, Patricia A. Sandau-Beckler, Rosario H. Torres

chapter |21 pages

Perinatal AIDS: Permanency Planning for the African-American Community

BySusan Taylor-Brown, Chris Wilczynski, Ellen Moore, Flossie Cohen

chapter |16 pages

AIDS: Health Care Intervention Models for Communities of Color

ByVictor De La Cancela, Audrey McDowell