Examine innovative ways to educate managers to do business with the Chinese!Management education is a big business today in the Greater China countries of Hong Kong, China, Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan as well as in Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia where there is a considerable Chinese ethnic population. Management Education in the Chinese Setting explores the challenges and opportunities those countries offer to educators in program and course development, delivery of programs and course materials, and in the development of instructors.This valuable book is a must for professionals, educators, and students interested in doing business in the Chinese setting. Here you’ll find thoughtful examinations of:

  • three frameworks for introducing the theory of anthropology into the IBRM element of a DBA course
  • an innovative business ethics program developed at the Hong Kong Baptist University's School of Business
  • a survey comparing business and human relations strategies used in the 'overseas Chinese’regions of Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • the theory of cooperative and competitive conflict
  • management education's role in the continuing economic reforms occurring in the People's Republic of China

chapter |5 pages


Edited ByAlma Whiteley

chapter |11 pages

Teaching Business Ethics in Hong Kong: Challenges and Response

ByDennis P. McCann, Joanna Kit Chun Lam, Randy K. Chiu

chapter |23 pages

Conflict Management Training in China: The Value of Cooperative Conflict Theory

ByDean Tjosvold, Daniel Ding