Here is the most up-to-the-minute interdisciplinary research that has been conducted on older offenders. This scholarly volume highlights the dimensions of the offenses committed by older adults and features empirical research addressing the sentencing alternatives applied to older offenders. Academicians and practitioners also provide much-needed insight into the management and correctional issues that arise with the incarceration of older offenders, including adjustment to prison life, physical and emotional health care, and rehabilitation and/or preparation of the offender for the return to life outside prison.

chapter |17 pages


ByCathleen Burnett

part |68 pages

Naming the Offenders

chapter |26 pages

Aging and Aged in Organized Crime

ByMenachem Amir

part |74 pages

Sentencing: Blind Justice?

chapter |37 pages

Defendant’s Advanced Age as a Prepotent Status in Criminal Case Disposition and Sanction

ByGary Feinberg, M. David McGriff

chapter |16 pages

The Elderly Offender and Sentencing Leniency

ByGerri S. Turner, Dean J. Champion

chapter |12 pages

More Than a Case Number: Older Offenders on Probation

ByCathleen Burnett, Alice Kitchen

part |88 pages

Institutions: Custody, Care, or Therapy?

chapter |13 pages

Mature Mentally 111 Offenders in California Jails

ByPatricia A. Washington

chapter |18 pages

Prison Environments and Their Impact on Older Citizens

ByErnest O. Moore

chapter |22 pages

Health Status of the Incarcerated Elderly: Issues and Concerns

ByDorothy E. Booth