Euro-Librarianship focuses on strategies for working toward cooperation between libraries throughout Europe and the United States to provide the best access and information to research materials as possible. Chapters by several authors in their original languages (with English abstracts) give this book a unique international appeal. Common difficulties such as fiscal constraints and rising book and serial prices are discussed. Stressing enhanced communication and shared responsibilities, this new volume helps bring libraries of all countries closer to the resource sharing capabilities that allowa scholars and researchers much wider access to information than is available today. In this timely new book, many of the papers that were presented at the Second Western European Specialists (WESS) International Conference are brought together to be read and studied by everyone.

chapter 101|4 pages


chapter 1|15 pages

A Library User’s View

part 2|53 pages

Research Centers and Special Collections

part 6|28 pages

Research and Documentation of Special Areas: Fringe Movements – The Emigré Question

part 7|40 pages

Research and Documentation of Special Areas: Fringe Movements – Questions of Marginality

part 12|5 pages

Access: Cooperative Microfilming

part 13|17 pages

Access: Assessing Collecting Levels and Available Resources