Market and Myths: Forces for Change in the European Media is the first introductory text to provide a detailed analysis of the European Media in five major Western European countries within the context of a theoretical framework. All forms of the mass media are covered and the impact of media policy on the political, social and cultural life of the countries concerned - Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Issues such as the continuing role of public service broadcasting and the extent to which a process of Europeanisation has occurred within the Media are examined in a clear accessible style which will make this book essential reading for all those with an interest in the European Media.

chapter 2|39 pages

The media in Britain

chapter 3|24 pages

The media in France

chapter 4|34 pages

The media in Germany

chapter 5|39 pages

The media in Italy

chapter 6|29 pages

The media in Spain

chapter 7|20 pages