From the Foreward: Each chapter of this work is in truth a separate essay or article in which an author distinguished in his field treats a different aspect or manifestation of violence in human society. I doubt whether so complete a treatise in so short a compass has been previously attempted.  The reader will be left in no doubt when he reflects on what he has read that violence is, and always has been, a feature or a threat in human society- and will remain so. The reason why this must be so is made plain in the early chapters. Violent behaviour is a display of man's aggressive instinct: without that instinct, which he (and she) shares with the rest of the animal kingdom, the human species would not survive.  First published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

chapter Chapter One|12 pages

Violence: Myths and Reality

ByEric Moonman

chapter Chapter Two|34 pages

Short Memories

Street Violence in the Past and the Present
ByGeoffrey Pearson

chapter Chapter Three|29 pages

Violence in the Home

ByJane Moonman

chapter Chapter Four|24 pages

Stress and the Individual

ByJim Patten

chapter Chapter Five|38 pages

Violence and Public Disorder

ByRichard Clutterbuck

chapter Chapter Six|17 pages

Pathways Out of Terrorism for Democratic Societies

ByPaul Wilkinson

chapter Chapter Seven|13 pages

Is There a Meaningful Response?

ByMarcus Braybrooke