Co-published with Kappa Delta Pi, The Power of Teacher Leaders provides a comprehensive resource for understanding the ways that teacher leaders foster positive change in their schools. Distinct from school administrators, teacher leaders are professionals who remain in the classroom and use their specialized knowledge and skills to improve student achievement, influence others, and build organizational capacity.

Written by leading educational researchers, each chapter of The Power of Teacher Leaders describes a different way that teachers are leading. Moving beyond the question of why teacher leaders are important and how such work is implemented, the contributing scholars to this collection offer a critical examination of the field by presenting original research, case studies, and programs in practice. Topics covered include how teachers become leaders, their wide-ranging leadership roles, and the effects of teacher leadership on student academic success and school communities. A cohesive edited collection, this book demonstrates how teacher leaders play an increasingly active role in the improvement of student learning, teacher professional development, and school climate.

chapter |3 pages


part I|50 pages

Becoming a Teacher Leader

chapter 1|12 pages

Teachers at the Forefront

Learning to Lead

chapter 2|12 pages

Stepping Up

How Teachers’ Definitions of Teacher Leadership Change

chapter 4|12 pages

Maximizing Teacher Leadership

The Principal as Facilitator

part II|125 pages

Roles of Teacher Leaders

chapter 8|12 pages

Teacher Leaders in Curriculum Reform

Integrating the Expressive Arts

chapter 10|12 pages

First-Year Teachers

New and Ready to Lead!

chapter 12|11 pages

Teacher Leaders Internationally

part III|66 pages

Influence and Impact of Teachers Who Lead