The contributors to this volume present research concerning the cognitive structures and development of nonhuman primates from a cognitive psychological perspective. The authors and researchers come to this project from the study of humans and apply their knowledge to research on nonhumans. For professional, researchers, and students in cognitive, developmental, and experimental psychology.

part I|2 pages


chapter 1|8 pages

The Comparative Approach to the Study of Cognition

ByFrancesco Antinucci

chapter 2|8 pages

The Theoretical Framework

ByFrancesco Antinucci

part II|2 pages

Longitudinal Study of Cognitive Ontogeny: Birth To Stage 4

chapter 3|18 pages

Early Sensorimotor Development in Gorilla

ByGiovanna Spinozzi, Francesco Natale

chapter 5|12 pages

Early Sensorimotor Development in Cebus (Cebus apella)

ByGiovanna Spinozzi

chapter 6|20 pages

Systematic Comparison of Early Sensorimotor Development

ByFrancesco Antinucci

part III|2 pages

Cognitive Domains

chapter 7|8 pages

Stage 5 Object-Concept

ByFrancesco Natale

chapter 8|8 pages

Stage 6 Object-Concept and Representation

ByFrancesco Natale, Francesco Antinucci

chapter 9|8 pages

Causality I: The Support Problem

ByGiovanna Spinozzi, Patrizia Poti

chapter 10|14 pages

Causal'ty II: The Stick Problem

ByFrancesco Natale

part IV|2 pages

Structure and Development of Logical Cognition

chapter 11|8 pages

Introduction to the Study of Logic

ByFrancesco Antinucci

chapter 12|18 pages

Patterns of Object Manipulation

ByFrancesco Natale

chapter 13|26 pages


ByGiovanna Natale, Francesco Spinozzi

chapter 14|40 pages

Logical Operations

ByPatrizia Poti, Francesco Antinucci

chapter 15|14 pages

Comparison with the Human Child

ByJonas Langer

part V|2 pages


chapter 16|8 pages

On the Phylogeny of Human Cognition

ByFrancesco Antinucci