This well-documented book highlights some of the theories of bisexual and homosexual identities and their conceptual bases in cultural history, moral philosophy, biology, and social psychology. Some of the most respected minds in the field of human sexuality challenge traditional views on homosexuality and question the moral principles implicit in many existing psychiatric and psychological theories.

chapter |26 pages

From Sexual Identity to Sexual Relationships: A Contextual Shift

ByJohn P. De Cecco, Michael G. Shively

chapter |20 pages

The Bisexual Identity: An Idea Without Social Recognition

ByJay P. Paul

chapter |14 pages

Freud Reconsidered: Bisexuality, Homosexuality, and Moral Judgement

ByTimothy F. Murphy

chapter |12 pages

The Dilemma of Essentiality in Homosexual Theory

ByDiane Richardson

chapter |14 pages

Homosexual Identity Formation as a Developmental Process

ByHenry L. Minton, Gary J. McDonald

chapter |22 pages

Homosexual Identity: A Concept in Need of Definition

ByVivienne C. Cass

chapter |10 pages

Research on Sexual Orientation: Definitions and Methods

ByMichael G. Shively, Christopher Jones, John P. De Cecco

chapter |12 pages

Sexual Orientation, Sociobiology, and Evolution

ByDouglas J. Futuyma, Stephen J. Risch