This adaptable book offers diverse applications of the empowerment model to the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness. Topics span the developmental trends of empowerment as an individual achievement, a community experience, and a professional aim in relation to social intervention strategies and tactics.

chapter |8 pages

Studies in Empowerment: Introduction to the Issue

ByJulian Rappaport

chapter |28 pages

Citizen Empowerment: A Developmental Perspective

ByCharles H. Kieffer

chapter |36 pages

Empowerment in a Religious Setting: A Multivariate Investigation

ByKenneth I. Maton, Julian Rappaport

chapter |26 pages

The Fort McDowell Yavapai: From Pawns to Powerbrokers

ByMichael J. O'Sullivan, Natalie Waugh, Wendy Espeland

chapter |28 pages

Creating and Using Social Technologies for Community Empowerment

ByStephen B. Fawcett, Tom Seekins, Paula L. Whang, Charles Muiu, Yolanda Suarez de Ba1cazar

chapter |4 pages

Thoughts on Empowerment

ByRobert Hess