First published in 1996. The incidence of HIV/AIDS in society has reached epidemic levels. People of all ages are contracting the disease, and with the advances in medication and treatment, those with the disease are living longer. This book discusses the unique issues facing older adults with HIV/AIDS and addresses living with the disease.

Foreword -- Preface -- Contributors -- Chapter 1 Scope of the Challenge/Joanne Hanna Puleo -- Overview of HIV/AIDS and Aging -- HIV Infection -- Educating People About HI V/AiDS -- References -- Chapter 2 Health Care Needs/Kathleen M. Nokes -- Overview of l-IIV Disease -- Primary Prevention -- HIV Testing -- Secondary Prevention -- Tertiary Prevention -- Summary -- References -- Chapter 3 Medical Issues/Peter Aupperle -- Prognosis of Aging Persons with AIDS -- Hazards of Delayed Diagnosis -- Differential Diagnosis for Dementia -- Summary -- References -- Chapter 4 Psychosocial Issues/karen .Solomon -- Risk Factors and Misconceptions -- Responses to Diagnosis -- Getting Help -- Personal Reactions -- Loss -- Programs and Outreach -- Coping Skills -- Summary -- References -- Chapter 5 Creating a Support Group/Barbara Kornhaber and Mary Ann Malone -- Conceptual Framework -- Facilitators’ Approach -- Getting Organized -- Cofacilitators’ Issues -- Initial Sessions -- Issues of Concern to the Group -- Group Members’ Interactions and Reactions -- Evaluation and Future Plans -- What the Cofacilitators Have Learned from the Experience -- References -- Chapter 6 The Older Gay Man/Gregory Anderson -- Defining the Problem -- Identifying and Serving the Population -- The Culture of the Older Gay Man -- Risk Factors for the Older Gay Man -- Older Gay Men and Health Care Providers -- Living with HIV/AIDS -- Interventions -- Summary -- References -- Chapter 7 Long-Term Care/Ann Wyatt -- Long-Term Care Needs of AIDS Patients -- Home Care -- Housing -- Adult Day Health Care -- Nursing I tomes -- Hospice Care -- Summary -- References -- Chapter 8 Legal and Ethical tssues/Kathleen carver and A. Widner Brown -- Discrimination -- Elder Abuse -- Planning for Incapacity -- Last Wilts and Testaments -- Planning for Health Care -- Developing Areas of Health Care Law and Ethics -- Summary -- References -- Chapter 9 Caregiving Issues/Joan Levine-Perkell -- Elderly Persons Infected with HIV/AIDS -- Elderly Parents of Persons with AIDS -- Grandparenting Issues -- Relationships -- Spirituality -- Summary -- References -- Chapter 10 HIV/AIDS and Aging Networks/Daphne Joslin and Marie C. Nazon -- Why Should a Formal Network of AIDS and Aging Professionals Be Developed? -- Underlying Values, Attitudes, and Assumptions -- Health and Human Services -- Current HIV/AIDS and Aging Networks -- l-IIV and the Elderly Work Group -- Building a Network: The Challenges, Benefits, and Organizational Needs -- Summary -- References -- Chapter II Voices/Dorothy E. Ilickey -- Themes That Emerged from Agency--Organization and Individual Interviews -- Interviews with Older People with HIV/AIDS -- Interviews with Agency Representatives -- Appendix A 1993 Revised Classification System for HIV Infection and Expanded AIDS Surveillance Case Definition for Adolescents and Adults -- Appendix B States Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Discrimination and Additional Resource information -- Appendix C Disposal Tips for home Health Care -- Appendix D Resources for Grandparents -- Appendix E Where Older Persons with HIV Disease Can Get Help and Additional Agencies and Organizations -- Index.