Love and hate seem to be the dominant emotions that make the world go round and are a central theme in psychotherapy. Love and Hate seeks to answer some important questions about these all consuming passions. Many patients seeking psychotherapy feel unlovable or full of rage and hate. What is it that interferes with the capacity to experience love? This book explores the origins of love and hate from infancy and how they develop through the life cycle. It brings together contemporary views about clinical practice on how psychotherapists and analysts work with and think about love and hate in the transference and countertransference and explores how different schools of thought deal with the subject. David Mann, together with an impressive array of international contributors represent a broad spectrum of psychoanalytic perspectives, including Kleinian, Jungian, Independent Group, and Lacanian, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and analytical psychologists.
With emphasis on clinical illustration throughout, the writers show how different psychoanalytic schools think about and clinically work with the experience and passions of love and hate. It will be invaluable to practitioners and students of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, analytical psychology and counselling.

In Search of Love and Hate. Love - Paradox of Self and Other. The Capacity for Love. Love and Hate in the Analytic Encounter with a Woman Therapist. Love, Hate and Personality. 'The Origins of Love and Hate' Revisited. Freeing Eros in the Playroom of Therapy - The Interface of Hate and Love: Sexualisation, Abstinence and the 'Celibate' Countertransference. The Importance of Being Able to Be Hated as a Pre-requisite for Love. Misanthropy and the Broken Mirror of Narcissism - Hatred in the Narcissistic Personality. The Mother's Hatred and the Ugly Child. Love and Hate in the Therapeutic Encounter. "When Love Begins to Play a Role, There are only Disputes and Hatred" - Confusion and Limits in the Treatment of Narcissistic Patients. No-one to Hold the Baby - The Traumatized Individuals Incapacity to Love. The Love/Hate Couple in the Primal Scene - The Problem of Dyads and Triads in Relationship Therapy. Love and Hate: A Fusion of Opposites - A Window to the Soul. Following in the Footsteps of Ferenczi, Balint and Winnicott: Love and Hate in a Setting Open to Body - and Action - Related Interventions.