This text is designed to respond to the uppermost area of concern in postgraduate education today - that of achieving quality. The book discusses issues of quality and research culture, including criteria for evaluating theses and research applications, and women and overseas students.

chapter |2 pages


ByOrtrun Zuber-Skerritt, Yoni Ryan

part One|74 pages

Issues of Quality and Institutional Research Culture

chapter 1|10 pages

Planning for Quality in Graduate Studies

ByIngrid Moses

chapter 3|14 pages

Staff Development in Relation to Research

ByLewis Elton

chapter 5|8 pages

Gender and Postgraduate Supervision

ByLinda Conrad

chapter 6|18 pages

Quality in Supervising Overseas Students?

ByTania Aspland, Thomas O’Donoghue

part Two|101 pages

Educational Processes to Achieve Quality

chapter 8|20 pages

The ‘Big Picture’ about Managing Writing

ByRobert Brown

chapter 9|10 pages

Supervising the Writing of a Thesis

ByNanette Gottlieb

chapter 10|14 pages

The Postgraduate’s Journey — An Interplay of Roles

ByPam Denicolo, Maureen Pope

chapter 11|9 pages

Avoiding Communication Breakdown

ByEstelle Phillips

chapter 12|13 pages

Supervising Literature Reviews

ByChristine Bruce

chapter 14|13 pages

‘Guidelines for Discussion’: A Tool for Managing Postgraduate Supervision

ByBarbara Grant, Adele Graham, John Jones