This four-volume set, edited by a leading expert in the field, brings together in one collection a series of papers that have been fundamental to the development of renewable energy as a defined discipline. Some of the papers were first published many years ago, but they remain classics in their fields and retain their relevance to the understanding of current issues. The papers have been selected with the assistance of an eminent international editorial board. The set includes a general introduction and each volume is introduced by a new overview essay, placing the selected papers in context. The range of subject matter is considerable, including coverage of all the main renewable technologies, the fundamental principles by which they function, and the issues around their deployment such as planning, integration and socio-economic assessment.

Overall, the set provides students, teachers and researchers, confronted with thousands of journal articles, book chapters and grey literature stretching back decades, with a ready-made selection of and commentary on the most important key writings in renewable energy. It will be an essential reference for libraries concerned with energy, technology and the environment.

part 1


chapter 2

Early Sails

chapter 3


chapter 4


chapter 8

A Note on Windmills

chapter 11

Passive Solar

part 2

Flows and Resources

part III


chapter 28

Efficient Use of Energy

chapter 32

Underground Houses

chapter 34

Villa Vision

chapter 102

Renewable Energy Technologies I

Editorial Introduction

part 1

Solar Electricity

part 2

Solar Heat

part 1

Wind Energy

part 2


part 3

Other Sources for Conversion

part II

Socio-economic and Environmental Assessment

chapter 12

Wind Energy

part IV

Sustainability, Planning and Policy