Learn about the exciting possibilities for maintaining elderly residents in their own homes by marshalling available resources to pay for needed support services. Experienced practitioners provide examples of successful community-based long-term care service programs for the elderly, programs that are supported by a mix of public funds and private resources. They explore the role of service providers in developing successful models of community-based long-term care services--housing, home care services, comprehensive senior centers, and day care, among others--and discuss not only the successes of the particular programs but the obstacles and barriers that had to be overcome as well. Chapters focus on policies for the development of effective models, from the perspectives of municipal, county, state, and federal governments involved in community service provision, and the role of colleges and universities in training personnel to develop and implement community-based long term care services. Taken together, this tutorial, taught by practitioners who offer wisdom and insight based on their hands-on experience, is indeed a unique contribution to the field of long-term care.

chapter |2 pages


Edited ByEloise H. P. Killeffer, Ruth Bennett

part I|43 pages

Service Providers’ Role in Developing Successful Models of Community Care

chapter |3 pages

Introduction to Part I

Edited ByEloise H. P. Killeffer, Ruth Bennett

chapter |4 pages

Comprehensive Senior Centers

ByEllen Camerieri

chapter |2 pages

New York City Home Attendant Program

ByGeorge Kaplan

chapter |6 pages

Home Care Services: Non-Professional Home Attendants

ByLois Grau

chapter |6 pages

Day Care and the Continuum of Care

ByRalph E. Hall

chapter |5 pages

Nursing Home-Based Community Care

ByTheresa Martico-Greenfield

chapter |7 pages

The Role of Community-Based Coalitions

ByIgal Jellinek

chapter |4 pages

Special Populations

ByDouglas Holmes

chapter |3 pages

Filling the Housing and Service Gap

ByDavid Wilder

part II|65 pages

The Role of Colleges and Universities in Training Personnel to Develop Community-Based Long Term Care Services

chapter |3 pages

Introduction to Part II

Edited ByEloise H. P. Killeffer, Ruth Bennett

chapter |8 pages

The Practicum Experience

ByEloise H. P. Killeffer

chapter |3 pages

Training for Community Programs

ByK. Della Ferguson

part III|28 pages

Policies for Development of Successful Models: Past, Present and Future

chapter |2 pages

Introduction to Part III

Edited ByEloise H. P. Killeffer, Ruth Bennett

chapter |7 pages

The Municipal Level: The Case of the City of Yonkers

BySally Robinson

chapter |6 pages

Teaching About U.S. Long Term Care Policies

ByAbraham Monk

part IV|10 pages


chapter |10 pages

Concluding Remarks and Suggested Issues for Further Discussion

ByRuth Bennett, Eloise H. P. Killeffer