This compassionate book brings together for the first time issues about infertility and adoption. Fifteen to 20 of all married couples in the United States are infertile, and most people have intense psychological and emotional reactions to the experience of infertility. Infertility and Adoption provides a clear understanding of the historical and social context of infertility, its emotional impact, and the process of coping with infertility. A prototype for conducting psychosocial assessments with infertile couples is provided. Practitioners, researchers, and administrators will learn about the latest trends in preparing adoptive parents for the arrival of their child. The multidisciplinary appeal of this book will reach professionals in social work and mental health and better prepare all of those who work with the growing number of individuals touched by infertility.

chapter |3 pages


Edited ByDeborah Valentine

chapter |5 pages

Coping with Infertility

ByJeanne Fleming, Kenneth Burry

chapter |22 pages

Reproductive Losses and Grieving

ByPatricia Conway, Deborah Valentine

chapter |7 pages

Support to Persons Experiencing Infertility: Family and Friends Can Help

ByPatricia Payne Mahlstedt, Page Townsend Johnson

chapter |13 pages

Vulnerability to Crises During the Life Cycle of the Adoptive Family

ByDorothy W. LePere

chapter |31 pages

The Institution of Adoption: Its Sources and Perpetuation

ByLeroy H. Pelton

chapter |14 pages

Open Adoptions: Practice and Policy Issues

ByRuth G. McRoy, Harold D. Grotevant

chapter |21 pages

Placement Disruptions: Perspectives of Adoptive Parents

ByDeborah Valentine, Patricia Conway, Jerry Randolph

chapter |13 pages

Post-Legal Adoption Services: A Lifelong Commitment

ByMarietta E. Spencer