This volume, a posterbook based on the seventh biennial Conference of the International Society for Ecological Psychology, is a collection of compact empirical and/or theoretical articles on the study of perception and action.

section Section I|126 pages


part I.1|26 pages

Posture and Locomotion

chapter |4 pages

Postural Reactions to a Moving Environment: Influence of Ageing in Adults

ByAndré Delorme, Jean-Yves Frigon, Marie-Clothilde Grothé

chapter |4 pages

Weight-Shifting Strategy in Below-Knee Amputees During Lateral Raising of the Leg

ByLaurence Mouchnino, Marie-Laure Mille, Marco Cincera, André Bardot, Alain Delarque

chapter |4 pages

Toddlers’ Postural Control on Different Surfaces

ByKathleen M. Gorday, Matthew A. Stroop, Karen Adolph, Esther Thelen

chapter |4 pages

Contributions of Peripheral and Central Vision to Long Jumping

ByFrank F. Eves

chapter |5 pages

How Can Human Gait Be Adapted to an Imbalance Between Flexion and Extension Forces?

ByFrédéric Danion, Mireille Bonnard, Jean Pailhous

part I.2|46 pages

Interlimb Coordination

chapter |4 pages

Inherent and Incidental Constraints Upon Intentional Switching Between Patterns of Bimanual Coordination.

ByRichard G. Carson, Winston D. Byblow, Bruce Abernethy, Jeffrey J. Summers

chapter |2 pages

The Detuning Factor in Elementary Coordination Dynamics

ByDavid R. Collins

chapter |4 pages

Breaking the Symmetry Between Spatial and Joint Phase Space in Interlimb Coordination

BySubhobrata Mitra, Polemnia G. Amazeen

chapter |3 pages

One- and Two-Handed Reaching and Grasping in Subjects With Spastic Hemiparesis: Asymmetry Effects

ByBert Steenbergen, Wouter Hulstijn, Avira De Vries, Maria Berger

chapter |5 pages

Dynamics of 1:2 Interlimb Coordination in Rhythmic Movement

ByDagmar Sternad, Elliot Saltzman

chapter |4 pages

Tremor and Symmetry Properties in Bimanual Coordination in Parkinson’s Disease

ByRichard E. A. van Emmerik, Robert C. Wagenaar

chapter |4 pages

Fitts’ Law in Cooperative Two-Person Aiming

ByThierry Ferrand, Yves Guiard

chapter |5 pages

The Dynamics of Unintentional Interpersonal Entrainment

ByBeth O’Brien, Richard C. Schmidt

part I.3|54 pages

Control of Arm Movement

chapter |4 pages

Orbital Stability of Rhythmic Forearm Movements

ByPeter Beek, Lieke Peper, Auke Post, Jeroen Reijnen

chapter |4 pages

A Task-Dynamic Approach to Throwing Skills

ByDenis Mottet, Marie-Agnès Dupuy, Marie-Martine Ramanantsoa, Bernard Pavis, Dominique Artus, Hubert Ripoll

chapter |4 pages

Functional Stabilization of Unstable Fixed-Points

ByPaul J. Treffner, J. A. Scott Kelso

chapter |4 pages

Development of Temporal Stability in Unimanual Perception-Action Coupling

ByM. Chiel J. M. Volman, Reint H. Geuze

chapter |4 pages

A Dynamical Model for Fitts’ Task

ByDenis Mottet, Reinoud J. Bootsma

chapter |4 pages

The Oscillatory Basis of Fitts’ Law

ByRichard C. Schmidt, David Corey, Paula Fitzpatrick, Michael Riley

chapter |4 pages

Observations on Micro-Exploration in Everyday Activities

ByMasato Sasaki, Hiroyuki Mishima, Kentaro Suzuki, Masahiro Ohkura

chapter |4 pages

Visual Guidance of Discrete Aiming Movements

BySimone Spellerberg, Will Spijkers

chapter |4 pages

Preliminary Evidence for a Developmental Transition from Reaching to Grasping Proper

ByRaymond H. Wimmers, Geert J. P. Savelsbergh, Peter J. Beek, Brian Hopkins

chapter |4 pages

Predetermined or Emergent Timing in Reaching to Pick Up a Moving Object

ByFrank T. J. M. Zaal, Piet C. W. van Wieringen

chapter |4 pages

Hemisphere Specialization for Action Systems?

ByAndrew Bateman, M. Jane Riddoch, Glyn W. Humphreys, Stella Townsend, Dawn Francis

chapter |4 pages

Batting of a Ball: Dynamics of a Rhythmic Skill

ByDagmar Sternad, Stefan Schaal, Chris G. Atkeson

chapter |4 pages

Emotional State Effects on the Control of Precision Movement

ByFilipe Melo

section Section II|166 pages

Action-Perception Coupling

part II.1|30 pages


chapter |4 pages

Perceiving the Preferred Critical Boundary for an Affordance

ByLeonard S. Mark

chapter |4 pages

Intentional Perceptual Scaling Means π = 1

ByOded M. Flascher, Robert E. Shaw, Endre E. Kadar, Thomas A. Aromin

chapter |4 pages

Perceiving Conflicting Affordances

ByJ. Rob Pijpers, Frank C. Bakker

chapter |4 pages

Hand Size and Grasping in Infants

ByJoão Barreiros, Paulo Silva

chapter |4 pages

Preschoolers’ Accuracy Judging and Jumping Distances

ByCarolyn F. Palmer, Amy Chinitz, Michelle Haven, Emily Greines, Jennifer Chandler

chapter |4 pages

The Role of Object-Actor Relative Motion in the Perception of Caught Weight

BySteven B. Flynn, Charles W. Henderson

chapter |5 pages

Perceiving Affordances for Another Person’s Actions

ByThomas A. Stoffregen, Sheng Yang-Yi, Kathleen M. Gorday

part II.2|58 pages

Laws of Control

chapter |4 pages

Motion Parallax is Used to Control Posture During Walking

ByBenoît G. Bardy, William H. Warren, Bruce A. Kay

chapter |4 pages

An Active Control Paradigm for the Study of Heading Perception

ByBernhard F. Frey

chapter |4 pages

Supra-Postural Control in a Rotary Optical Flow

ByLudovic Marin

chapter |4 pages

Can You Control Where You are Heading When You are Looking at Where You Want To Go?

ByJohn P. Wann, Simon K. Rushton, David N. Lee

chapter |4 pages

Timing in Relay Running

ByAlain Boyadjian

chapter |4 pages

A Quantitative Study of Parameters of Control in Approaching the Water Ski Ramp

ByAlain Durey, Marie-Martine Ramanantsoa

chapter |4 pages

How the Future is Specified: A Hypothesis

ByNam-Gyoon Kim, Judith A. Effken

chapter |4 pages

Intensity Coupling in Interceptive Tasks

ByFrançois-Xavier Li, Michel Laurent

chapter |4 pages

Intensity Coupling in Peripheral Vision

ByFrançois-Xavier Li

chapter |4 pages

Varying the τ-Margin

ByThomas A. Stoffregen, Charles W. Henderson, Masato Sasaki

chapter |4 pages

Perspective Flight-Path Displays and Time-to-Wall-Crossing

ByMax Mulder, Erik Theunissen, J. (Hans) C. van der Vaart

chapter |4 pages

Grasping the Impossible: Stereoscopic Virtual Balls

ByJohn Wann, Simon Rushton

chapter |5 pages

Perceptual Control of Force in Slalom Skiing

ByRuud Van Der Weel, Audrey Van Der Meer, Jan Hoff, Rolf Ingvaldsen

part II.3|26 pages


chapter |5 pages

Spatial Updating of Object Shape During Real and Imagined Viewpoint Change Following Visual Preview

ByMichel-Ange Amorim, Jack M. Loomis, Sergio S. Fukusima

chapter |4 pages

Speech Acts and Their Emplotment

BySiu L. Chow

chapter |4 pages

Exploratory Patterns and Reactions to Spatial Change: The Role of Early Visual Experience

ByFlorence Gaunet, Catherine Thinus-Blanc

chapter |4 pages

Spatial Orientation and Pineal Calcification

ByJoseph Glicksohn, Iris Balmor-Braun, Jacob Bar-Ziv, Michael S. Myslobodsky

chapter |4 pages

Representations in Action: Pointing to a Target with Various Representations

ByYves Rossetti, Céline Régnier

chapter |4 pages

Self-Organization in the Development of Representation-Action Couplings

ByMaria E. Q. Gonzales, Elias H. Alves, Antonio M. A. Sette

part II.4|26 pages


chapter |4 pages

A Longitudinal Study of the Visual Control of Posture in Infancy

ByJames L. Rose, Bennett I. Bertenthal

chapter |4 pages

Development of Infant Crawling: Balance Constraints on Interlimb Coordination

ByBeatrix Vereijken, Karen E. Adolph, Mark A. Denny, Yaman Fadl, Simone V. Gill, Ana A. Lucero

chapter |4 pages

Ecological Theory and Experimental Studies of Children’s Drawings

ByAlyson M. Davis, Gavin J. Bremner

chapter |4 pages

Perception, Action, and the Development of Knowledge in Infancy

ByGavin J. Bremner

part II.5|26 pages


chapter |4 pages

Keeping the Arm in the Limelight: The Functional Significance of Neonatal Arm Movements

ByAudrey Van Der Meer, Ruud Van Der Weel

chapter |4 pages

Contributions of Motor Control and Spatial Alignment to Prism Adaptation

ByGordon M. Redding, Benjamin Wallace

chapter |4 pages

Familiarization and Rule Generation in a Transformed Perceptual-Motor Task

ByDale L. Dinnel, Louis G. Lippman

chapter |4 pages

Perception-Action Coupling in Endoscopie Surgery: A Cognitive-Task Analysis Approach

ByCynthia O. Dominguez, Robert J. B. Hutton, John M. Flach, Daniel P. McKellar

part III.1|30 pages

Mechanical Patterns

chapter |4 pages

Haptic Decomposition is Anchored in the Inertia Tensor

ByGreg Burton, Marie-Vee Santana, Claudia Carello

chapter |4 pages

Haptic Perception of Rod Length: A Case for Relative Realism

ByTin-Cheung Chan

chapter |4 pages

Perceiving the Length of One Rod by Means of Another

ByAndrew Peck

chapter |4 pages

Haptic Discrimination of Curved Strips

BySylvia C. Pont, Astrid M. L. Kappers, Jan J. Koenderink

chapter |4 pages

Influence of Surface Texture on the Reproduction of Distance and Location on Surfaces

ByRoelof Schellingerhout, Wim Beyers, Ad W. Smitsman, Gerard P. van Galen

chapter |4 pages

Two-Valuedness of Spinors and Perception by Selective Dynamic Touch

ByMichael T. Turvey, Claudia Carello, Paula Fitzpatrick, Christopher C. Pagano, Endre E. Kadar

chapter |4 pages

Haptic Surface Aftereffect is of Central, Not Peripheral Origin

ByIngrid M. L. C. Vogels, Astrid M. L. Kappers, Jan J. Koenderink

part III.2|10 pages

Acoustical Patterns

chapter |4 pages

Prospective Acoustic Information for Object Pass By

ByTerri Erwin

chapter |4 pages

Two Experiments on the Auditory and Visual Perception of Kinetic Event Properties

ByRainer Guski, Anke Blöbaum, Susanne Howahl

part III.3|50 pages

Dynamic Optical Patterns

chapter |4 pages

Perception of Spatial Scale in Events from Information in Motion

ByDaniel McConnell, Geoffrey P. Bingham

chapter |4 pages

Visual Perception of Motor Anticipation in Handwriting: Influence of Letter Size and Movement Velocity

BySonia Kandel, Jean-Pierre Orliaguet, Louis-Jean Boë

chapter |4 pages

Encoding of Spatial Information During Navigation in a Visually Simulated Environment

ByPatrick Péruch, Florence Gaunet, Catherine Thinus-Blanc, Marie-Dominique Giraudo

chapter |4 pages

Event Identification Via Dynamically Governed Trajectory Forms

ByMichael M. Muchisky

chapter |4 pages

Visual Sensitivity to Intra-Body Axis of Rotation

BySheng Yang-Yi

chapter |4 pages

A Methodology for Coupling Gaze in Action

ByJoan N. Vickers

chapter |4 pages

Binocular Optical Invariant(s) and Interceptive Actions

ByMichel Laurent, Gilles Montagne, Alain Durey

chapter |4 pages

The Development of Sensitivity to Social Meaning in Patterns of Movement

ByDiane S. Berry, Jo A. Meier

chapter |4 pages

Recognition of Hostile Behaviors from Dynamic Point-Light Displays

ByVolkan Topalli, Edgar C. O’Neal

section Section III|48 pages


part III.4|22 pages

Static Optical Patterns

chapter |4 pages

Perception of Lifted Weight in Photographs

ByS. Stavros Valenti, Alan P. Costall

chapter |4 pages

Infants’ Preferences for Attractiveness and Babyfaceness

BySteve Kramer, Leslie Zebrowitz, Jean Paul San Giovanni, Barbara Sherak

chapter |4 pages

The Implicit Horizon Line as Information About Relative Size

ByMarco Bertamini, Tyrone Yang, Dennis R. Proffitt

chapter |14 pages

Distance Perception on a Slope

ByReinoud J. Bootsma, Gert-Jan Pepping, Niels Bonenkamp

part III.5|26 pages

Intermodal Patterns

chapter |4 pages

The Size-Weight Illusion

ByPolemnia G. Amazeen

chapter |4 pages

Intermodal Perception of Orientation During Reaching

ByFlorent Fouque, Benoît G. Bardy

chapter |4 pages

Reaching in the Dark: Cross-Modal Distance Perception

BySarah Greening, Ian Davies

chapter |4 pages

Read my Lips: Where? How? When? And so… What?

ByChristian Benoît, Christian Abry, Marie-Agnès Cathiard, Thierry Guiard-Marigny, Tahar Lallouache

chapter |4 pages

Social Perception in the Real World: Physical Maturity and Social Interaction

ByDiane S. Berry, Julie C. Landry-Pester, Jane S. Hansen