Using a multiliteracies theoretical framework highlighting social diversity and multimodality as central in the process of meaning making, this book examines literacy teaching and learning as embedded in cultural, linguistic, racial, sexual, and gendered contexts and explores ways to foster learning and achievement for diverse students in various settings. Attending simultaneously to topics around two overarching and interrelated themes—languages and language variations, and cultures, ethnicities, and identities—the chapter authors examine the roles that multiliteracies play in students’ lives in and out of classrooms. In Part I, readers are asked to examine beliefs and dispositions as related to different languages, language varieties, cultures, ethnicities, and identities. Part II engages readers in examining classroom and community practices related to different languages and language varieties, cultures, ethnicities, and identities.

chapter 1|10 pages

Reflections on the Past, Working within the “Future”

Advancing a Multiliteracies Theory and Pedagogy

part I|95 pages

Exploring Languages, Language Varieties, Culture, Ethnicity, and Identities

chapter 2|17 pages

Language Study in Teacher Education

Cultivating Teachers’ Understandings of Language Variation

chapter 3|12 pages

“Deadly Ways to Learn”

Language Variation, Ideology, and Learning Literacies

chapter 4|16 pages

My Life in Stories, My World in Pictures

A View of Multiliteracies from the Outside in

chapter 5|16 pages

White Male Teachers Exploring Language, Literacy, and Diversity

A Self-Study of Male Perceptions of Diversity(ies)

part II|91 pages

Exploring Languages, Language Varieties, Culture, Ethnicity, and Identities in Classrooms and Communities

chapter 8|18 pages

Code-switching and Contrastive Analysis

Tools of Language and Culture Transform the Dialectally Diverse Classroom

chapter 9|17 pages

Tangled in Charlotte’s Web

Lessons Learned from English Learners

chapter 10|10 pages

Culture and Identity

Promoting the Literacies of a Sudanese Father and Son

chapter 11|14 pages

Social Equity Teaching in Action

My Community is My Classroom

chapter 12|18 pages

Transforming Locked Doors

Using Multiliteracies to Recontextualize Identities and Learning for Youth Living on the Margins

chapter 13|13 pages

“That Teacher Just Uses Her Mouth”

Inviting Linguistically Diverse Students to Learn

part III|13 pages

Lessons Learned about Social Diversities within Multiliteracies