The field of critical accounting has expanded rapidly since its inception and has become recognised as offering a wealth of provocative insights in the wake of the global financial crisis. It is now firmly embedded within accounting literature and in how accounting is taught.

Surveying the evolving field of Critical Accounting, including theory, ethics, history, development and sustainability, this Companion presents key debates in the field, providing a comprehensive overview. Incorporating interdisciplinary perspectives on accounting, the volume concludes by considering new directions in which critical accounting research may travel.

With an international array of established and respected contributors, this Routledge Companion is a vital resource for students and researchers across the world.

part 1|14 pages

Section I

chapter 1|12 pages


part 2|109 pages

Section II

chapter 3|17 pages

Structural Marxism

chapter 4|10 pages

Critical Theory

chapter 5|22 pages

Philosophical traditions

chapter 6|18 pages


chapter 7|15 pages


part 3|115 pages

Section III

chapter 8|16 pages

The Accountancy profession

chapter 9|21 pages

The audit profession

chapter 10|20 pages


chapter 11|21 pages


chapter 13|15 pages


part 4|109 pages

Section IV

chapter 15|23 pages

Emerging economies

chapter 16|18 pages

Corporate Governance

chapter 18|15 pages


chapter 19|16 pages

Popular culture

part 5|73 pages

Section V

chapter 21|18 pages

Accounting Education

chapter 22|14 pages

Organisation Studies

chapter 23|16 pages


part 6|43 pages

Section VI