This book examines a new topic in Human Resource Management (HRM), green – or environmental – HRM, analysing the role humans play in environmental management at work and environmental behaviours at workplaces around the world.

The book begins with a focus on negative workplace green behaviours (e.g. toxic chemical leaks, air pollution, contaminated waste etc.), and what such environmental problems mean for workers, managers and society as a whole.

This book outlines relevant, underpinning academic theory and research literature on how HRM is ‘going green’, and details real-life organisational examples derived from original and secondary empirical research to illuminate the implications of adopting Green HRM practices for relevant stakeholders. In doing so, the book offers a new, academic contribution to both the HRM and environmental management literatures.

chapter 1|20 pages

Towards an understanding of Green Human Resource Management

ByDouglas W.S. Renwick

part I|74 pages

Internal and external organisational GHRM initiatives

chapter 2|16 pages

Motivation and GHRM

Overcoming the paradox
ByKerrie L. Unsworth, Amy Tian

chapter 3|18 pages

Employee engagement in managing environmental performance

A case study of the Planet Champion initiative, McDonalds UK and Sweden
ByChandana Sanyal, Julie Haddock-Millar

chapter 4|16 pages

A case study of Mater Misericordiae Limited

BySally V. Russell, Christopher Hill

chapter 5|22 pages

Enabling green spillover

How firms can benefit from employees’ private green activism
BySusanne Blazejewski, Anja Gräf, Anke Buhl, Franziska Dittmer

part II|96 pages

Contextualising GHRM – from GHRM to sustainability?

chapter 6|19 pages

Employee control, ethics and politics – GHRM in context

ByLuca Carollo, Marco Guerci

chapter 7|19 pages

Competing paradigms

Status quo and alternative approaches in HRM
ByBrian Matthews, Lisa Obereder, Ina Aust (was Ehnert), Michael Müller-Camen

chapter 8|21 pages

Implementing sustainable HRM

The new challenge of corporate sustainability
ByCathy Xu, Paul J. Gollan, Adrian Wilkinson

chapter 9|17 pages

Future directions of Green HRM

Redefining Human Resource Management to humans really matter
ByAnte Glavas

chapter 10|18 pages

From Green HRM towards workforce sustainability?

ByDouglas W.S. Renwick